Welcome to the 9Eras of Arisan

Mission Statement:

This Role Play MUCK environment has been established with the concept that those who join wish nothing more than the best quality RP from those of a like mind for high caliber adventure experiences; that such heightened quality of RP will only lend more enjoyment to the RP experiences for all.

What is 9 Eras?

    9 Eras is a group of associated MUCKs (Multi User Chat Kingdoms) that reflect different ages for the world of Arisan. This is a fantasy world where anthropomorphic animals and humans live and share adventures from ages of early dynasties to the exploration of nearby planets.

What is Arisan?

    Arisan is an earth-like world, orbiting in the fourth position from its yellow star sun. It possesses two moons, Ceireth and Llyahrra, which compliment each other in the sky to influence the tides and weather of the planet. Arisan has three major continents, which are named Kwemeicz, Esanjeh, and Urah. These continents have a variety of climates that range from arctic to desert.

What is a MUCK?

    A MUCK is a Multi-User Chat Kingdom. This is a text-based chat program which allows programmers to set up a maze of "rooms" with unique descriptions and effects. Players create a fantasy character and role-play through situations with other players in real-time.

What are the Eras?

    The 9 Eras are nine MUCKs with themes representing ages of Arisan. To see details on these different MUCKs, click on the names below.

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