9 Keys - The Age of the Living Gods



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What is the setting of 9Keys?

Think of the stories of ancient Egypt or Babylon... the stories of the Bible or Torah and the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is an age of political control and rebellion, a sweeping epoch of the chariot and sword, where toiling work killed thousands of slaves daily, but it was part of the regime of the Emperor-Gods who forced such fearful and devoted service. As all the rest, Furries dominate here, particularly the insectoids and reptiles, but humans are seen in large numbers. Not always as slaves, either. Consider Ra, Bast, Sekmet and Akhnut, all of these are Pharoahs in this setting, but also, there are many unknown places... the 'Atlantian' mythical trade route holds true in this age, as well, after all.

What species are allowed?

The major regions of the setting are Solerra, the Delta Valley City-State, the Mountain Kingdom of Aoudad, the Barbarian Tribes of Caer-Abibh, and the tiny Fisherman's Village of Avancario.

The city of Solerra is ruled by an ancient family of rabbits who are venerated as living goddesses. The bulk of the population are rabbits and rodents, followed thereafter by herbivores and much smaller groups of other races. Solerra has, by far, the world's greatest collection of humans, primarily as slave workers. Solerra has it's enemies as well. The Crocodiles serve as one such threat, as do hyenas.

The city of Aoudad is ruled by a similarly ancient family of Jackals, who's king is also believed to be a living god. The citizens are primarily jackals and canines, with other races being the minorities. They have similar enemy species as Solerra.

Caer-Abibh is populated primarily by wolves, mountain cats, elk and deer with some family groups of other species. The mountain cats are often at odds with the other peoples of this region.

Avancario, though small, has a representation of many creatures.

Small settlements of all other races can be found along the trade roads. Humans, by far the least in number of all species, can be found all over.

What professions are suggested?

People of the Desert Kingdoms represent some of the most advanced of the civilizations. With great numbers come the great need for warriors, and both the Delta and the Mountain Kingdom have the honor of having some of the best in their numbers. Scholars are also in high quantity in the Delta, but so also are merchants of all kinds. Priests have an important role in both the Delta and the Mountains, ensuring that the deification of their rulers remains constant.

Caer-Abibh is a more agrarian setting. Warriors have their place, but so do farmers, herdsmen and hunters. A good herbalist is invaluable to the folk here and, although rare, druids are greatly revered.

Avancario is a humble place. Herdsmen live beside fishermen, though often ranging woodsmen and hunters can be found taking some shelter in the village.

What areas are available?

9 Keys represents the first and oldest playable era of the 9 Eras project. As such it has the least amount of explored land.

Solerra, Aoudad and Caer-Abibh are the three largest settled regions. There are land routes between the three and to the isolated fishing village of Avancario.