Rules and Code of Conduct for Staff members of 9 Kingdoms
  1. 1. With the exception of us founders, staffurs should be judged (through experience by the existing staff) as reliable, personable, and active.

  2. 2. Staff members should have a set amount of time that they should connect each week, whether on duty or in RP... in other words they have to prove active.

    3. Staff members should not idle for longer than 30 minutes. If you are going to be away longer, please log off.

    4. Staff members should be active on the mailing list  when the discussions involve policy, investigations or discipline.

    5. Staff members should respect the privacy of players. @wl info should not be shared with anyone but other staff members.

    6. Staff members should be willing to help with any issue, but know to whom to refer a player to if it is a matter outside of their expertise... especially if that other staffur is online and on duty.

    7. Staffers should advise other staff when they are  going off duty and thus will not be available for assisting players or other staff... i.e. when they will be in RP, which is a very important part of a staffur's job.

    8. It would be really great if code staffurs would post what project they are working on, provide reasonably paced updates, and advise when each project is completed.

    9. Building Staff should respect the building areas of other builders and check with them before building or altering that area.

    10. Staffurs should not use obscene language on the wiz chat channel.

    11. Staffurs should not use obscene language when  speaking to a player in an official capacity.

    12. Staffurs who are feeling stressed or highly emotional should 'step away' for a while, whether going to RP or to log off for a while to calm down.

    13. Staffurs should not be afraid to ask for help. Be willing to help your fellow staffur if you can. Staffurs also should not rely too much on their fellow staffurs. If you are overwhelmed, speak to the heads of staff.

    14. Staff should do their best to be familiar with the theme and rules of the MUCK at all time, in order to answer questions about it at any time. (We will do our best to make them clear. ;) )

    15. Staffurs should never be afraid to speak up about things they feel are wrong, or are uncomfortable about. If a staffur comes to you with a problem, respect confidentiality, and only reveal information to
    wizzes or heads of staff as required. Being willing to let others know who is complaining helps.

    16. Staffurs should always log their sessions.

    17. Public areas built by staffurs should be considered property of the MUCK. This would include city streets, wilderness areas and business areas. Programs are also to be considered MUCK property. The description and name of noted characters controlled by Staffurs should be (out of kindness) left to the property of the MUCK voluntarily. Private residences are the property of the staffur, as are unique items to the staffur's character. Items created for public sale should be considered the property of the muck.

    18. Complaints and disputes involving staffurs should be @wl'd and then investigated. All parties should be prepared to present logs. Parties without a log are likely to be ruled against, unless the complaint is very serious (harassment, threats).

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