Policies and Procedures of 9 Kingdoms

A suggested AUP can be read HERE

 Multiple Character ('Alt') Limit

9 Kingdoms wants to encourage players to concentrate on few characters and develop good character concepts rather than playing lots of poorly-developed characters or letting them idle. To achieve this, new characters will only be created for players who play less than three characters.

If you already play one or two characters on 9 Kingdoms, and want to request another one, you should first make sure that all of your existing characters are well set up. This includes:

    * A good description (describing you well, spell-checked).

    * A cinfo with information about your character's background.

    * A home other than the Cove of Dreams.

If any of these requirements are not satisfied, please complete the  setup of your existing characters before requesting another one. If you find that you don't use one of your characters much anymore, please consider to rename/redescribe the character rather than letting it idle out and starting a new one.

Then, as one of your existing characters, type @request, then fill out the required fields. Password and instructions for your new character will be e-mailed to you automatically.

More than one player per character/alt sharing

A character can be shared between several players. If you want to share your character with another player, keep in mind that all players are responsible for the character's actions - so share it with someone trustworthy. The shared character will be counted against the alt limit of all players sharing the character.

Giving your character to someone else

A character can be transferred from one player to another. If you do so, please use the @email command to set the new e-mail address and immediately contact a wizard and tell her/him of the change.

How is policy determined?

    Policy is the essential groundwork, the foundation, of what the strictures and rules are that staff and players follow when then agree to be a part of that given MUCK establishment. Writing of policy can be as simple as simple as writing in a set of rules based on common sense, fairness or politeness; or they may be as complex as a charter of laws and subsequent punishments.

    While anyone on staff may propose policy, the headwizards of the 9 kingdoms mucks reserve the right to decide what proposals will be added to the MUCK policy or not; it is also up to the headwizards what proposals are brought to table for MUCK policy or not. While all five headwizards may speak openly of their views on policy proposals, only a majority vote is needed for making a proposal part of the MUCK policy.

    Any of the headwizards may write policy on their own, without first consulting the headwizard body, though only on the proviso that the policy in question is based on player conduct and the order of fair play. They may then gain the approval of one other headwizard to bring their written rules into the structure of MUCK policy. However, punishments or MUCK altering rules, or rules that would contradict existing policy must gain agreement from the majority of the headwizard body.

    We have five headwizards, each with specific functions of making a MUCK run smoothly, but there are some tasks where we must work as a unit, a team. See the page listing the staff members and their duties.

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