Chibithulu Photo Log


Greetings, loyal minions. It is I, your Deep Lord, Chibithulu.

By means of this remarkable network of computers I have created, I intend on making my presence known once again to you hopeless mortals. I have been gone a long time and you have been working my will. It is now time for me to review your work and give my approval or disapproval. Pray, feckless ones, that it is the former.

To this end I have enslaved two of my minions, whom I shall call Purrzah and Breimh, to take me to a sampling area to view your work. The cities already meet with my approval as they are wrought with suffering, anger and destruction. I must see to the wilder areas.

I shall post a log in text at the festering hole of angst and anger, appropriately named LiveJournal,  under my glorious name, Chibithulu.

In this location I shall post the photolog of the journey and my findings.

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Westport 3/16/06 - 3/19/06
Pittsburgh / Anthrocon 6/14/06 - 6/18/06
Alaskan Inside Passage 6/25/06 - 7/2/06