Chibithulu Photo Log

How to become a minion.

Ah, so you wish to revel in the glory that is I, the Deep Lord, Chibithulu. You wish to become a minion.

This in itself is admirable, however I shall not make it easy. After all, I cannot accept just any sycophants that walk off the street! No, there is a series of tests you must complete.

You may try one of two ways.

The Elite Way:

First: Find one of my avatars. The Toy Vault has a source of my slaves who will sell them to you.

Second: Take my avatar around and take pictures of it in places where my chaos reigns, or should reign.

Third: Contact Minion #1, Purrzah, and arrange for her to receive the photographs.

Fourth: Your name will be added to the Scroll of Minions and your photographs will be published here, with credit where credit is due. To me.

The Lazy-Minion Way:

First: Find two envelopes. Blank ones.

Second: Contact Minion #1, Purrzah, and arrange for her to send you a snail-mail address.

Third: Fill out your own address on one envelope and put a first-class stamp on it (SASE). Remember, this is U.S. postage, and the rates go up May 14th, 2007.

Fourth: Fill out the other envelope, insert the SASE and put proper postage on it. Put it in the mail.

Fifth: Allow two weeks (or more if out of the U.S.). Your name will be added to the Scroll of Minions, and you will receive a nifty Minion card.

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Note: All photographs submitted will remain under the copyright of the photographer. They will be posted here only with permission by the photographer. Photographers are responsible for obtaining the permission of any living subjects within the photographs to be displayed publicly. No real names will be used. In the absence of a given "net" name, a minion number will be assigned and used for identification of the photographer. Should you find a photograph that you are pictured in and did not give permission to be displayed, contact the webmaster and it will be removed as soon as possible. No nudity or explicit photos. Do not use the e-mail offered here for unsolicited messages of any kind.