Skykin Grove - Wandering Minds under One Roof
Another Damn Webcomic
Brought to you by Real Life and what we perceive it to be.
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Posted monthly... or so it's intended. Usually by the first Saturday... Don't hold me to that!
(C)2005 Kathi Pickett/Skykin Grove
Digi and Breimh (c) themselves.
Welcome to Skykin Grove! 

This is the first new webcomic brought to you by the residents of Skykin Grove, the home of Breimh (a wolf), Digi (a dragon) and Purrzah (the damned cat). 

Guest appearances will be made by; 

Da'alrakken (another dragon) 
Odious Kangaroo (a kangaroo... duh) 
Nylima (a mouse) 
Snowwolf (another wolf) 
Nyssa (a skunk) 
Blizleopard (a snowleopard... geeze, I gotta learn to draw that) 
Longtail (a cougar) 
Findal (another wolf... gotta stock up on soup bones) 

...and others I probably have forgotten but won't in the future.