Skykin Grove FAQ





1. Why is it only in black and white?

A: Because I'm still learning how to use my computer art programs, and am too lazy to use pens or pencils.

2. Why do the three main characters dress alike all the time?

A: Because I'm still developing individual appearances, and t-shirts and jeans are easiest to make quickly.

3. What happened to Digi's wings in the refrigerator episode?

A: Pick one: 1. They tuck away magically. 2. I forgot he has wings.

4. Why do you beat up so much on Digi?

A: Because he's the resident dragon in the strip, and it's just funnier to do things to dragons than wolves or cats.

5. How do you pronounce Breimh?

A: Bree

6. What kind of name is Breimh?

A: I'm told it's from a gaelic word that means "Warrior".

7. What kind of name is Purrzah?

A: A warm, fuzzy name.

8. What kind of name is Digi?

A: Ask Digi. Send me an e-mail and I'll have him answer!

9. Where do you come up with the situations in "Skykin Grove"?

A: Most closely resemble actual events that have occurred in the house, or at least to one of us previously. The obscene caller strip is an example of one that has happened before we moved in to Skykin Grove.

10. Why does Odious Kangaroo look so weird?

A: Because I can't draw kangaroos!

11. Why do you only do this strip once a month?

A: Because I have a full time job, run two role playing games, participate in three or four other role playing games, and have loads of other hobbies.

12. Why, if you are so busy, do you bother doing a web comic?

A: Because it's something to inspire me to draw, and it was the best idea I could come up with.

13. How can I get a guest appearance on Skykin Grove?

A: Visit us. Then be patient.

14. I've been a guest at Skykin Grove. When will I get my guest appearance?

A: Be patient. It will happen. I only do this once a month.

15. What's Skykin Grove really like?

A: Read the comic. It's really a lot like that when it isn't just boring.

16. Why is Breimh a wolf? I thought he was a dragon?

A: I wanted to have different species, and one of his other chosen forms is a wolf.

17. Why are you a cat?

A: Because I am. I'm also a dragon, a ferret, and a rabbit. In Furrydom/Draconism (are those really words?) I am, at best, a chimera.

18. Why is everything so big on Skykin Grove?

A: Because I know lots of people with vision problems, I do most of the design on a tiny laptop, and it's just easier that way.

19. Why do you not have the strip scroll right to left?

A: Because, for me at least, it's easier to scroll down. So I make everyone scroll down. I'm mean that way.

20. What is a Gemicon?

A: A gemicon is a magical equine with an alicorn and feathered wings that can change form at will. It is a creature I developed, adjusting a word a former school friend of my oldest friend created and making it my own. It's also the business name under which I sell my art; Gemicon Studios.

21. What is Crystal Mountain?

A: Getting nosey, huh? Crystal Mountain was the name of the home Breimh and I developed on Alfandria MUCK, and we've adopted it as our online home community.

22. Why is your home called Skykin Grove?

A: With three of us living here, and only two of us with the same family name, it was just the easiest way to refer to our home. We decided on Skykin because we are all at least part dragon inside, though we also welcome otherkin as well.

23. Can I do fan art for Skykin Grove?

A: If you are inspired, by all means? Send it to me at skykingrove @ and I will post it as an "interrupt" post! If you want to display it yourself, please be sure to note the appropriate copyright for the characters.

24. Do you take commissions?

A: If you are very patient. I might consider it. Contact me by e-mail and we can discuss it.