Purrzah's library







Welcome to the Library!

Within these pages you will find a number of written works by Purrzah.

Over the years she has attempted many times to write several novels and poems. Most she has shared only with her family and closest friends. Many were written during her teens, and reflect on her own inner turmoil as she struggled through the always difficult changes in life that those years bring. These writings have since been relegated to crumbling folders in boxes stored and forgotten.

Here she introduces some of them back, and offers recent efforts. Read as you will, forgive typos and "creative spellings". You may provide feedback if you see fit, but it isn't required. Though if any of these bring any special inspiration or joy, it would be my pleasure to hear of it.

(All works here are 2006 Kathleen A Pickett and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission.)