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(Breimh is camera shy. You'll have to imagine his appearance.) 




Brian Pickett

  Brian prefers to go by the name "Breimh" (pronounced "Bree"). This is a celtic word that means "Shining Spear". He has also been known online as "Bree" and "Brood". 

  Breimh was born in Iowa and was largely raised there, though he has also lived in other places, including Alaska. He came to Washington in 1991 to attend college.

  Breimh is proud of a long Celtic heritage within his family and to this date attempts to aide others in understanding the world around them and their roles within it using Celtic beliefs combined with shamanistic spirituality and a deep insight into the spiritual world. He is always willing to listen to a friend and try to counsel them, and is open to understanding even views he doesn't always see eye to eye with. His compassion and understanding have drawn a close circle of online "family" members to him from all corners of the globe.

  Breimh is a long-time, accomplished table top gamer who has playtested pre- and post-production materials for a hand full of gaming companies, and to this day continues to happily run demo games at a local convention each year. He is also a trained artist with an interest in draconic and "furry" art.

  Currently, Briemh works as a substitute para-educator for the nearby school district during the school year, and continues his other interests online during the summer. With Kathi and their housemate Digi, he gladly hosts online friends from around the world any time they want to come to the Seattle area, and if possible, gladly gives them the Cheap Assed Tours of the Northwest.

(Kathi doesn't mind showing her picture but is definately of the opinion that there are no good current pictures of herself, so she offers her High School Graduation shot. Mind you, this was in 1996 - ouch, that just dated her!)



Kathi Pickett

  Also known online as Purrzah or Solarri, Kathi is a native of Washington State. Born on Whidbey Island at the Whidby Island Naval Station to parents serving in, or recently mustered out of, the Army, she has always preferred Washington as a home.

  Despite her preferences, Kathi's parents spent much of her infancy and young childhood touring the United States, as her father remained in the Army and was moved from station to station. She lived in Denver for a while, and in Virginia, where her younger brother, Karl, was born.

  In time to enter Kindergarten, Kathi's parents settled in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Shortly after she started school, Kathi's parents bought their first home on Queen Anne Hill, a property they still own today. She went to school at John Hay Elementary where she made few but close friends and learned to love horses from them.

  In the late 70's Kathi started to attend private school in West Seattle at Hope Lutheran Elementary, where she met one of her closest friends. It was there she also began writing as a hobby.

  In 1980 Kathi's father accepted a transfer to Iowa, so she and the rest of her family moved to a small town called Truro. There she made friends with an odd group of boys, merely because she played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Three years later she moved to California for about 18 months, then to Kentucky for about the same amount of time. Finally, in 1987 Kathi's father retired from active duty Army Reserves and the family returned to Seattle.

  In 1991 Kathi took a trip back to Iowa to visit with her friends and there met Brian Pickett. A few months later Brian moved to Washington state and three years later, on a cold, wet and windy St. Patricks Day, they were married.

  In 1988 Kathi took her first job as a cashier at a convenience store, was promoted to manager at a different store in the same chain three months later, and a year later when her store was closed to cut costs, she resigned to begin her new job. Referred by her cousin, she took a position as an answering service operator at Kelley's Personal Communications. Several years later Kathi was promoted to Administrative Assistant to the President and Receptionist. For a short time, Kelley's ran an ISP service and it was there that Kathi began working online.

  Kathi had long been playing role playing games, having started officially in 1980. This interest drew her to online cooperative storytelling/roleplaying through newsgroups and mailing lists. Eventually she came around to MUCK roleplaying and now is a headwizard on 9Waves MUCK (still in development). At the same time she began to find others who had her interests in dragons and "furries" (anthropomorphic animals) and her artwork started to move in the same direction.

  Today Kathi draws and writes a monthly webcomic called "Skykin Grove" after the home she shares with her husband and their good friend, Digi.


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