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Logging Started: 11-03-2003  5:16:20 AM
Dweir growls quietly "Rad, you've been a busy little skunky, will you tell us what you've added lately, and what you're currently doing?"
Purrzah groans. "I was hoping to hear about RCS..." She looks at Radley.
Radley waves to Autumn and smiles, "Welcome"
Dweir nods to Purrzah.
Autumnflare yips,  "Thanks"
Bloodscale knows some of the things Radley has been working on. He almost lost his computer when tried to help him :P
Radley scratches his head, "Since last week.. I've add Sweep, +bboard, roll, drug.muf and I'm got a message board muf installed I just need to write up the documentation
Radley ohsm "And Hand
Autumnflare blinks.  "drug.muf?"
Dweir nods, "So all we need is the zombie.muf and we'll be able to do horses and things like that.
Radley nods, "It's a rewrite of brainscratch from FS
Dweir smiles, offering Autumnflare a flute of champaign.
Purrzah purrs "Radley. On your die-rolling program. Is that one you wrote?"
Radley churrs "@view #99"
Autumnflare has no idea what brainscratch does...
>>  Bloodscale rolls 154 on 1 200-sided die.
Bloodscale grins.
Radley shakes his head, "Its the one I ported, I havent gotten around to rewriting it."
Purrzah purrs "Okay. May I ask a couple things adjusted, if possible?"
Dweir growls quietly "The brainscratch.muf augments your perceptions and movement after you've had a little too much snuff, drink, smoke or whatever other drug you can think of."
Purrzah purrs "When you can?"
Purrzah notes it's not a high priority.
Bloodscale blinks, "Wait...we've made an alcohol modifier program??"
Autumnflare ahs, and can't get brainscratch to work on FS either. :P
Dweir nods.
Dweir growls quietly "Brackenn wrote it originally."
Autumnflare ohs, and shrugs, none the wiser.
Radley nods, "I rewrote it so we can have different drugs with different effects. To some extent. It takes some setup, but it works"
Dweir growls quietly "In his code, the drug is actually fatal at a certain point. It puts a prop on your character that after you've had so many 'hits' your perceptions stay augmented until you get treatment from a hospital."
Bloodscale hmmms softly.
Radley nods, "I took that part out. I could easily add it back in...
Dweir wonders what Purrzah was trying to ask be done with the dice.muf?
Purrzah purrs "Well, first of all, I'd love the option that when you roll multiples of one die type, you see the individual results rather than have them added up."
Dweir growls quietly "Let's think about adding it back in before doing so... we should discuss that on the staff mailing list."
Radley nods, "That was my biggest problem with it."
Dweir nods to Purrzah, "I was asking for that before, too."
Purrzah purrs "Secondly, I really like have the "d" in there for die type... I dunno, I guess I'm just used to it being there. so it would be roll d10 or roll 3 d10. Or roll 3 1d10... :)"
>>  Dweir rolls 60 on 1 100-sided die.
Radley nods and makes some notes
Dweir is logging, and will place the log on the files section of the 9Waves group.
Purrzah purrs "If roll 3 1d10 could come up with "Purrzah rolls 5 6 7 on 3 1d10" or something like that it would be great."
Dweir growls quietly "About sweep... will that let anyone sweep others from anywhere else?"
Bloodscale experiments....
Purrzah purrs "I'm also going to repost these logs on the website."
>>  Bloodscale rolls 36 on 6 10-sided dice.
roll 6 to Bloodscale
>>  Purrzah rolls 6 on 1 6-sided die. (to Bloodscale)
Radley points to sweep #help
Purrzah purrs "I do like the secret result thing."
roll 6 to purrzah
>>  Purrzah rolls 2 on 1 6-sided die. (to you)
>>  Purrzah rolls 2 on 1 6-sided die. (to Purrzah)
Bloodscale nods as well, "Makes it more DM like."
Dweir nods.
>>  Dweir rolls 19 on 1 100-sided die. (to you)
Radley churrs "only wizzes and rooms owners will be able to sweep a room. I'll test to make sure."
Dweir growls quietly "Okay, that's what I needed to make sure of."
Radley churrs "unless of course the player is set @/sweepable?:yes"
Radley churrs "Also I added to the say so now it has ansi support"
Purrzah purrs "About the +bboard... is it set so at least the OOC group is locked against players unsubscribing?"
Radley nods, "Yes I can setup any of the boards so they are unsubscibable.
Purrzah purrs "What is meant to be the difference between IC news and Plotline?"
Radley churrs "It's just a matter of setting the group autosubscribe or not"
Dweir growls quietly "I know the RCS basics are set up here, now. But the 'sheet' for skills set up has to be modified for this setting. And 'Becca's still fighting with trying to get the 'sniper' effect to work, so cannons and guns can be fired at distance, instead of both characters needing to be in the same room. She's also going to allow for a basic setup to be done for all puppets, as NPCs that can be caught in crossfire and such."
Purrzah nods.
Dweir growls quietly "And the IC News and Plotlines are different in that IC News are current plots, Plotlines are upcoming plots that need players to fill the ranks."
Radley shrugs, "They are just temporary groups.. The actually groups need to be discussed as well as permissions to each
Dweir nods.
Purrzah purrs "I have to apologise to the builders... I have not gotten the excel spreadsheet done for building. I've had to make some modifications on the layout for logical placement."
Purrzah purrs "And I've been spending as much time with my mate as work and such allows. ;)"
Bloodscale wonders if Purrzah is trying to make a flow chart of the world?
Purrzah purrs "Sortof."
Bloodscale hmmmms
Purrzah purrs "It's more of a map done with excel and colors."
Dweir growls quietly "Talonia, you've got the shop.muf done?"
Talonia wakes..."I have :P"
Dweir nods and smiles, "Okay, and you're starting on the banking/money changer programming?
Talonia nods
Dweir growls quietly "We need to discuss the various coins that will be used for the different 'lands', and about the money changing, and money lending, too."
Purrzah purrs "And you'll be working with Radley about the home-buying/claiming program and money?"
Radley churrs "We'll have getmoney addmoney type prims for use in MUFs?"
Bloodscale points out that the coding and programs are now over his head.
Talonia notes there's an addmoney  word in the shop prog ... could refine and use that
Radley pats the scaly, "That's why us codefurs are here."
Purrzah hugs Bloodscale. "That's okay. I just know what I'd like to see done... not how to do it. You're here to help with a little building though, right?"
Bloodscale nods and shrugs, "I can build, but just the basic stuff. Rooms, getting the exits done, stuff like that. I'm like a mole though."
Dweir growls quietly "Bloodscale is our 'strongarm'... sort of like MadrNekNek does on Furscape. He's a rules keeper and helps tend to those who just don't want to abide by such rules."
Radley nods, "I'll need a prim to take money from one player and give it another, and one that gets the amount of money a player has."
Purrzah nods. "Then we need a way to figure out how much one money is valued to the next... and a way to adjust it when values change... if we want to get that fancy. ;)"
Bloodscale doesn't add on to say that he will eat those that will not abide by the rules, butthe point has been said.
Dweir growls quietly "We discussed coinage before... guilders are this MUCKs versions of pennies, but we definately want dabloons... but I can't remember the others, I think Auriels was one, and Rubles or Rupies."
Talonia notes those down :P
Bloodscale grins.
Purrzah purrs "Dubloons, Aurials, Rubles, Rupees... we need to spell right. :) Do we want denarii?"
Dweir shrugs, "Chi'en would be good for the orient. Denarii would work, too.
Bloodscale nods.
Purrzah purrs "Then there's the oriental coins..."
Bloodscale hisses, "Yen?"
Dweir points out what he last said?
Bloodscale hisses, "What about crowns?"
Dweir growls quietly "I was hoping to use crowns in 9Bells."
Bloodscale ahs, "Nevermind." :P
Purrzah purrs "What about marks?"
Bloodscale hmmmms, "Use them as a basic penny substitute?"
Dweir growls quietly "So we could adjust @tune to be 'marks' and use guilders as a coin?"
Bloodscale nods.
Dweir looks at Purrzah and the others, "Do you like that?"
Purrzah purrs "Or replace them with haypennies?"
Purrzah purrs "I was thinking of marks as the early paper money. ;)"
Dweir doesn't want to use haypennies at all.
Purrzah purrs "I think guilders are fine where they are."
Bloodscale agrees.
Purrzah purrs "And I think we should take a long look at where what coin would come from, and it's denomenation..."
Purrzah purrs "For instance, are we going to make it an easy 10 for 1 thing?"
Dweir growls quietly "I don't want to really have more than one type of money for each of the major 8 cities. That's quite a lot in and of itself."
Bloodscale nods, "Right."
Dweir growls quietly "Then we also need to look at what the 'backwaters' are and where the major ports of call are, as well. Merchants have a tendency to try to soak you at the bigger, more bustling ports."
Purrzah purrs "Well, guilders are going to need to translate upwards to /something/ if they're the "penny"... ?"
Bloodscale hisses, "What are all of the coins we're going to use right now aside from guilders?"
Purrzah purrs "I beg your pardon... merchants are equal-opportunity soakers. ;) We soak the ones who don't get much access also. ;)""
Bloodscale hisses, "So everyone? :P"
Autumnflare giggles
Purrzah purrs "Yep. Just in different ways. ;)"
Bloodscale smirks and is glad ICly he doesn't know much about money.
Autumnflare volunteers to soak furs?
Dweir growls quietly "I was figuring 50 guilders equals a dabloon. That way if every player starts with 500 guilders, they have 25 dabloons... I think. I'm ~so~ lousy with mathematics."
Bloodscale hmmmmms, "You mean dubloons?"
Dweir nods.
Purrzah purrs "I believe guilders and dubloons are Avancarian."
Bloodscale hisses, "It would be 10 dubloons."
Purrzah purrs "Wait..."
Radley points out that would be 10 dablooons
Bloodscale nods to Radley.
Dweir growls quietly "Auriels would be for Orrin."
Purrzah purrs "Down south then?"
Dweir nods.
Purrzah purrs "Okay. Rubles or Rupees for the Greek/roman side?"
Dweir growls quietly "Lets go with Rupees."
Purrzah purrs "Okay. "
Bloodscale notes that Rubles would go for the more desert countries...
Purrzah purrs "Does Port Royale use it's own coin? And that is the more desert country, Bloodie."
Autumnflare yips,  "A fistful of dinars"
Bloodscale hisses, "Well there you go."
Dweir smiles and snugs Autumnflare, "Port Royale will use the Denarii, and
Grephbek will use Rubles.
Purrzah purrs "Pirates have their own coins? Wow..."
Bloodscale blinks.
Dweir growls quietly "Sure, it's slag, but it's worth something, at least."
Purrzah purrs "On the pirate Isle, maybe. ;)"
Dweir nods.
Purrzah purrs "It's a death sentence otherwise. ;)"
Dweir growls quietly "Except maybe on the black market?"
Purrzah snorts.
Purrzah purrs "It's like ice-money."
Bloodscale hisses, "Define please."
Dweir growls quietly "Could be worse... they could be chits, like in the hidden city of Foresnah... wooden coins."
Dweir growls quietly "I think she means that they're worthless except where they were smelted."
Bloodscale ohs.
Bloodscale hmmms and has a question completely off subject.
Purrzah purrs "Ice-money is something from a winter kids special. The town had no money because the lord took it all, so during the winter they cut icesicles into coins and traded with them."
Bloodscale ahs.
Purrzah purrs "Basically worthless, but it kept goods moving for a while."
Dweir has to create ice-money in the hell of 9Wonders.
Purrzah purrs "Rubles would probably be worth less than pennies in Avancario... basically only the cost of raw ore of the metal type."
Dweir growls quietly "We can discuss the economic factors, later, though... for now, we're just looking for each coin type for each major city."
Dweir growls quietly "So, we have Auriels, Chits, Rubles, Rupees, Denarii, Dubloons, Chi'en... we need one more."
Bloodscale speaks up, "Furs."
Purrzah purrs "What land is it for?"
Bloodscale hisses, "What land doesn't have one?"
Dweir blinks? "Are you trying to say they sell their cubs, Bloodie?"
Dweir growls quietly "Oh, I guess they wouldn't have one... Demon Cove, where the primative, carniverous squirrels live. It's all trade and barter, still.""
Purrzah nods.
Purrzah purrs "Now, Bloodscale. What was your off-topic question?""
Bloodscale chuckles, "No. It's a term that we made up in another tabletop game I play. Basically they are a type of coin, but made of a combination wood/metal. Think of them as having a metal structure with wood filling in the spaces between. They are used, in my game, as a coin for those more barbaric cultures."
Bloodscale looks at Purrzah, "Do we have a command to look at all of the players on the muck, along with their species, sex, idle time, and location?"
Radley churrs "fa or findall"
Autumnflare notes that fa has different connotations in her country
Radley churrs "ws or whospecies for in a room"
Bloodscale nods, "I was thinking more like wwi like FS."
Radley nod
Purrzah purrs "We wanted to keep the "findall" type lists to a minimum."
Bloodscale hmmmmmms, "I was just asking because staff could do a faux pas and screw up addressing a player from afar."
Dweir growls quietly "I don't want all the various findalls on here. One was what we originally agreed to, that was FA. 'Becca did say she would remove any others that were added."
Purrzah wonders if it's possible to get listspec one day... "Just so we can keep an eye out for inappropriate species."
Dweir growls quietly "If I had it my way, we would have one findall that listed their names, stat, idle time, location, sex and species. But I don't know one that does all that."
Radley nods and thinks maybe we should use wwi instaed.. wizwwi is very nice
Bloodscale blinks, "Wait...what about putting a 'wa' command in the parent room and lock it so only staff can use it?"
Radley churrs "wa only works if each rooms is set up with the correct props.."
Purrzah purrs "It would be nice to prevent common players from nosing where everyone is..."
Dweir growls quietly "The biggest reason for choosing fa was because the wizards have the option of typing fa #host to see the hostmask of players online, too."
Bloodscale hmmmmmms
Radley points at wizwwi. It does the same thing..
Bloodscale can't access it.
Purrzah purrs "We don't have it."
Purrzah purrs "If you mean wizwwi."
Radley churrs "Its on FS"
Purrzah purrs "Or do you mean fa #host?"
Bloodscale has never heard of it.
Bloodscale has the smallest host mask. Whoot!
Dweir could be confused for being the same player as Purrzah, if everyone didn't realise that it was a married couple logging in from the same server.
Bloodscale sees two different numbers at the end, therefore...
Dweir nods, "But you'd see two different numbers even if I were logged in with another alt, as well.
Bloodscale nods, "So two different furs." :)
Autumnflare has that problem.  Her brother, and her brother's fiance both log on through the same router as she does, and therefore have the same hostmask because the router owns the IP address.
Dweir can always tell the real Autumnflare, and accepts no substitutions. ;)
Autumnflare giggles and blushes
Dweir growls quietly "No, I want to keep things simple. So does Rebecca. She wanted FA because we all use it, and it has the ability to allow for FA #hosts. Also, it's not as common as WWI which has 10 various formats, and we don't want all of those here. She did say when all the important things were done, she would try to set up the FA to have the other stuff in it we would like, like species and sex and things like that, but for now it's fine as it is."
Radley nods "Next topic"
Bloodscale nods, "Newbieville."
Purrzah nods. "Again, my biggest challenge is preparing the descriptions. I've had some volunteers for lizards, but there's a lot more critters!"
Radley churrs "Ah yes.. I had an idea for newbieville"
Dweir growls quietly "Okay, building... but not nature or cities. This deals with Objects. We've got tons of peices of equipment, weapons and even livestock puppets to do up. All to add into Newbiezone."
Purrzah blinks?
Dweir listens to Radley's proposal, first.
Radley churrs "I was thinking that we should replace the exits with actions to MUFs that when used ask the player questions appropiate to the room they are leaving and set the prop bases of the answers. Then move the player to the next room. If the go back it will reset the props."
Dweir tries to follow that, and only manages to understand part of it.
Purrzah purrs "Okay. I have no idea how to do that."
Dweir growls quietly "You mean like a quiz?"
Radley churrs "For example it will ask a player what species thay want to be and they answer wolf it sets that for them"
Purrzah purrs "I get the gist though. If I get the rooms set up, and the descs done, can you set up those mufs?"
Dweir growls quietly "That's what I orginally wanted to do, but was told it 'just wasn't possible'."
Radley nods "Very easily"
Dweir kicks Tarn/Zobeid for lying to him again.
Purrzah purrs "Very well. That sounds very great."
Bloodscale hmmmmmms
Radley grins, "I'll work on it."
Purrzah purrs "Okay."
Dweir growls quietly "Then we staff will also need a way to reset the player character, at the end, if they decide their species is a 'kick-yer-ass-gryphon' or something dumb like that, and it's filled into the species area."
Radley churrs "For the species, could even set a default desc"
Purrzah purrs "And one of those sets a code saying this player agreed to our terms and conditions as set in the first couple of rooms, where they read about rules and codes of conduct."
Purrzah purrs "That would be cool!"
Radley nods, "Too easy"
Bloodscale blinks.
Purrzah purrs "Then the player can use it as a base. Of course, then we need to set up the base descs... ;)"
Radley grins and will leave that to Mama Purr
Purrzah purrs "The point, Dweir, is it won't be set by what the player types, but what they choose from our list."
Purrzah purrs "Then we can have it lock that setting, right Radley?"
Dweir growls quietly "Anyway... on with the rest of the discussion. The rooms of equipment will need the shop.muf set up, so players can buy clothes and such with guilders. The objects I'd like to have mpi tags that add to the desc of the character, if it's something worn, like a wig or a coat. And if it's not something worn, we'll just let it remain in their inventory list, unless it's in a container they're carrying."
Purrzah purrs "We'll need to keep the list of objects sold to start with to a minimum. Basic gear needed only."
Radley nods, "I can set it so the player can change it later or it is locked. like agreeing to the rules will be a locked prop while desc's will not.
Dweir nods.
Purrzah purrs "Like basic clothing, simple weapons, tools of the trade."
Purrzah purrs "I'd prefer the species be locked, requiring staff to unlock it to be changed."
Purrzah purrs "That way species listings will be standardized, and recycling a character only comes with staff approval."
Dweir growls quietly "And sex, too. Unless the character dies, then we could reset the pc to travel through the newbiezone again."
Purrzah nods. "Good idea."
Bloodscale hmmmmms
Radley hmmms, "Right now Species is a normal prop, If we change it. We'll need to go through and change all the current mufs to look for the locked prop"
Purrzah purrs "Would that be tough to do?"
Radley tilts his head to the side considering, "No.. not tough."
Purrzah purrs "Basically, it would be the ws and the editplayer, right?"
Radley nods, "and fa. Yes"
Purrzah purrs "Okay... do we want to do this now while the number of programs that reference it are few? Or later, when we are closer to allowing players onto the MUCK?"
Bloodscale takes a moment.
Dweir growls quietly "Okay, Radley, you can work with Purr on the Newbiezone. I'll keep working with 'Becca on the RCS and setup of weapons and armor. Talonia, you and Eiblyn should try to find time to work together on the equipment, she's already got several items of clothing and tools set up, but needs to learn the mpi tag for setting up the clothing to register within the desc of the character wearing it."
Purrzah purrs "Again, setting up the descriptions in Newbieville have to be first, then the coding for the muf to set props would be next."
Dweir growls quietly "Bloodscale, I need you to get two others on board to help you with actively organising and writing up the rules. Naien should be helping with that, when you both have the time to meet up together too. We have a basic listing of rules, that you've seen before, that I'll pull out and offer to you. But we have a lot of 'unwritten' rules that we all generally follow that really should be put down somewhere."
Purrzah sighs. "Okay... I guess Bloodscale you won't be needed for helping build."
Radley nods, "I can still start writing mufs, just will not replace the exits yet. Also I'll look at ws, fa, and editplayer. To figure out what will need to be changed.. Shouldn't be that hard"
Bloodscale blinks.
You purr "Okay, Radley."
Dweir growls quietly "We need to work on all of it, not just one little thing all of us put our efforts into, otherwise it'll take us all forever to get to completing the project. We break things up where we work as teams, and it'll go a lot faster."
Bloodscale nods....
Radley ohs and the +bboard will look for the Staff power to allow acces to the staff group (random thought)
Dweir growls quietly "If someone's not pulling their weight, logging in and chatting or complaining, or sitting idle for hours on end, and leaving the work for others, then they shouldn't be staff, and need replacing."
Purrzah grins. "That would be good."
Radley uhohs and hurries to look busy
Purrzah purrs "Don't worry, Radley. You've proven more active than I have lately."
Dweir thinks Radley is already showing he's a busy little raccoon... putting the rest of us to shame, sometimes, in the process.
Talonia smirks
Purrzah purrs "Talonia too. "
Autumnflare just needs to be told what to do
Radley grins, "That will change in about 2 weeks while I move."
Talonia squawks, "Me too?   yay :P"
Dweir growls quietly "What are you interested in, Autumnflare."
Purrzah purrs "Well Autumn, where do you think you'll be more useful? Building?
Dweir growls quietly "Building, rules?"
Radley points out that he is a Skunk, not a raccoon..
Dweir growls quietly "Do you want to use your newfound basics of programming?"
Purrzah removes the link with Dweir's brain... ;)
Autumnflare yips,  "Anything I can do.  I can build, after a fashion, and I'm good with documentation"
Radley licks the the hole from the removed link.
Autumnflare facepaws.  "Crap at installing Linux Redhat 9, apparently, but good with documentation..."
Radley chuckles
Dweir nods and appologises to Radley, thinking of Racklie on Furtopia, who's just as busy a worker... and a raccoon.
Purrzah purrs "Well, we need both someone with the organizational capability of taking down our rules and laying them out for players in both full and abbreviated fashion, and help describing the general look of about six dozen types of furries and such."
Autumnflare giggles.  "Well, email me what you have, disorganised as it may be, and I'll create some order out of it and turn it into documentation."
Purrzah chuckles. "That requires getting it out of our collective brains... but we can work on it."
Autumflare. "Some of what we want has been discussed on our mailing list."
Purrzah looks at Dweir. "I trust she'll be invited onto the list?" She looks back at Autumflare. "Some of what we want has been discussed on our mailing list."
Autumnflare isn't sure, but might be on it already. :-S
Dweir will add the silver vixen to 9Waves list.
Purrzah purrs "Key things are a clear code of conduct, and a logical set of rules. We also will need to list out the restrictions, especially about character creation, theme, and player capabilities."
Autumnflare nods
Autumnflare has to go in a few minutes
Purrzah purrs "Feel free, if you like, to suggest a code of conduct for players.
Dweir nods, "Do you still have the rules I sent you about the 9Mucks, Autumn?
Radley churrs "Character Creation will be pretty rigid with the MUFs in place."
Bloodscale hmmmms, "So I work with Naien...or AF?"
Dweir growls quietly "Both."
Purrzah is getting cold, and actually looking forward to trying to stand long enough to do dishes to keep warm.
Autumnflare nods.  "Someplace, I do, yes."
Dweir growls quietly "The player and staff rules both will need to be clear and concise... I know I'm just too rambly to do it well, myself."
Bloodscale nods and looks forward to working with AF.
Purrzah nods at Radley, and thinks. "We should have something set up for guests too... both a place they can visit as a sampling and to meet furs, and OOC place... and a preview of newbieville.  But we can discuss that later.
Dweir locates Autumn's e-mail addy again.
Dweir growls quietly "We'll also need a listing of what punishments there are for players who do wrong, and the steps taken with wrongdoers."
Radley can set up the mufs to look for the guest flag and do something slightly different with them..
Autumnflare mumbles something about
Radley shurgs, "But that can always be done later and very easily"
Talonia squawks, "Ooo, Another blueyonder user :P"
Dweir thanks Radley again for allowing a good punishment back into the MUCK system... @jail.
Autumnflare nodnods.  "We have a broadband network :)"
Autumnflare yips,  "Cost all of 70 quid for a seven station network"
Autumnflare grins at Talonia
Radley nods to Dweir, "No problem."
Purrzah purrs "Okay... is this then the closing of the meeting?"
Dweir growls quietly "Sure."
Bloodscale hmmmms
Purrzah purrs "Need something Bloodscale?"
Dweir growls quietly "Talonia, you and I will probably be working more closely together with you and Eiblyn doing the equipment for the shops. And I'm looking forward to learning mpi-scripting."
Talonia grinz
Bloodscale is thinking
Dweir needs to go to the store.
Radley digs out his MPI doc, "I post this to the mailer"
Dweir nods to Radley.
Bloodscale can't think of anything because he's doing quite alot at this time.
Autumnflare is off, if she's no longer needed?
Purrzah purrs "Yes, I think we're done for now."
Dweir hugs all the WONDERFUL furries and scalies who attended.
Purrzah hugs all too.
Autumnflare waves, and takes a break from the MUCKS for a while.
Logging Stopped: 11-03-2003  5:16:34 AM
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