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Logging Started: 10-26-2003 11:16:23 AM
Purrzah purrs "Dweir and I, as we often do, discussed the building that needs to be done, and the hardest part is the repetative, the wilderness. We want to present enough for exploration, but not necessarily map the entire world."
You growl quietly "Although I have mapped the entire world on paper."
Purrzah purrs "While Rebecca was visiting, she and Dweir determined travel time via ship between the major ports of Avancario, Port Royale, the greeko/roman area, and the 'orient'."
Bloodscale speaks up, "You want a looping environmental room that will repeat for as long as the trip is?"
Purrzah purrs "Using the topographical map Dweir created, and that scale, we've come up with a scale for the map, and for wilderness/see rooms."
Purrzah purrs "Er. Sea rooms."
Purrzah purrs "No... not really Bloodscale."
Bloodscale hmmms and nods, listening.
Dweir smiles, "That would be fun, but I don't think our players would appreciate it too well."
Purrzah purrs "How many of you are able to log into the yahoogroups site to look at the files sections?"
Radley says, "The jail will work now,,I've finished moving everything. I've left some exits on room #0"
Bloodscale can't.
Purrzah purrs "I'll be getting a copy of the map up at our staff website. For those of you who may have missed it, I am putting up the information and rules we develop for staff reference at ."
Purrzah purrs "Right now there isn't much, just some policies and beginning rules."
Purrzah purrs "And a couple of reference links."
You growl quietly "I'll mention that the gemicon site isnt the prettiest, but it's what we can arrange for a temporary site."
Purrzah purrs "Dweir and I have decided that travel is measured in "leagues"... which, with all due apologies for any europeans, measure out to 3 miles each."
Dive says, "We could just have the players pretend they are taking a long time to travel."
Bloodscale hisses, "That'll never happen."
Naien says, "heh"
Purrzah purrs "Scale for building will be a /little/ different between land and sea. Each sea room is supposed to represent 3 days of travel. Each land room, 2."
Dweir smiles, "Never know."
Purrzah has dropped a connection.
Purrzah purrs "This is based off of the presumption that a ship with moderate to good winds and current can make 10 leagues, or 30 miles, per day."
Purrzah purrs "It may not sound like much, but that also takes into account delays."
Bloodscale nods, "It sounds good."
Purrzah purrs "The land travel is determined by the amount of time for a one beast-drawn cart to travel over a road."
Radley says, "That sounds about right"
Purrzah purrs "That presumes 5 leagues, or 15 miles per day."
Purrzah purrs "When we added it all up, the distance between Avancario and the greeko/roman town were about the same... but then I pointed out ships are safer and haul a hell of a lot more than a cart, and a caravan, which would haul as much as a ship, takes about 3x as long."
Dive says, "Restricting the players seems more of a hardship on both sides though..."
Bloodscale hmmmmms.
Dweir nods, "I think it is, in some respects. Some journies do go smoothly.
You growl quietly "Others might take longer."
Purrzah purrs "I have mapped out the # of rooms between Avancario and the greeko/roman city, which are the 2 major cities in the northern continent of Kwemeicz. We've also mapped out the ocean routes."
Purrzah purrs "There is, of course, nothing keeping players from simply zipping through the rooms and not paying attention to travel times... but I think making the travel times clear will help."
Bloodscale hisses, "Are you making it that everyone will technically go the same route on the sea?""
Purrzah purrs "Yes."
Purrzah purrs "We can't really map the whole bloody planet. ;)"
Bloodscale nods.
Bloodscale hisses, " can...but that's just insane ;)"
Talonia has arrived.
Purrzah purrs "Hi!"
Talonia bows
Bloodscale waves.
Dweir draws his rapier, "The planet's not bloody yet, but I can arrange it."
Naien says, "And besides, trade winds would force everyone to be on the same routes"
Purrzah purrs "We've already started. I've been explaining the scale we've decided for land and sea areas."
Purrzah nods and Naien.
Purrzah purrs "In the future, when it's right for RP, we'll open new routes to take people to new areas."
Purrzah purrs "Now. We've also determined the amount of building surrounding our major cities to represent wilderness areas as well as other settled regions."
Dive says, "Ah, so sort of an expanding frontier thing?"
Purrzah purrs "It's more than enough for fun rp. Yes."
Purrzah purrs "Based on our scale, Port Royale has 10 wilderness rooms around it. "
Bloodscale perks an eye ridge, "Just ten?"
Purrzah purrs "Avancario has 48 and the greeko/roman has 67."
Dive says, "That way if a player can build a complete, interconnected and well described dungeon, it would be simple to link it into the main area."
Purrzah purrs "Each room is 2 days travel, Bloodscale, and the land Port Royale is on isn't big."
Purrzah purrs "Remember, we aren't letting players build."
Bloodscale just thought there was more rooms.
Purrzah purrs "We want them to RP... not build."
Bloodscale understands.
Dive hmms.
Purrzah purrs "Building will be up to the building staff. If a player wants something built, he/she will come to the building "guild" with a "plan" and /pay/ for it to be built."
Dive says, "Who's going to run the tinyplots?"
Dive says, "Oh."
You growl quietly "Some, but not all. We want players to actively take a hand in running their own adventures, not lead them along by the paws."
Dive says, "So people pay the MUCK staff money to build for them?  Sounds like a sweet deal.  8)"
Purrzah purrs "Yep."
Purrzah purrs "Of course, it's MUCK monies. ;)"
Bloodscale wonders where that money will go.
Purrzah purrs "We aren't going to ge actual cash *sigh* I /wish/ I could make a living doing this."
You growl quietly "You all only get paid, irl, if I win the Lotto."
Dive says, "Where will they get that money, then?"
Purrzah purrs "By working."
Purrzah purrs "The idea is, nothing is free."
You growl quietly "Or stealing... for pirates."
Purrzah purrs "You need to find some way to make money."
Bloodscale ponders, "Why don't we use the money they give to us for building as a treasure pot for pirates?"
Purrzah purrs "You want stuff, you get money and buy it... or try to steal it. But theft has to be agreed upon OOCly."
Purrzah purrs "We could funnel it into the pirates and black market, true."
Bloodscale nods.
Radley hmms and hopes the wolf wins the lotto.
Purrzah purrs "And into the church as well."
Dive says, "So if someone comes up with a good idea for a game/story, they have to do time consuming non-roleplaying related stuff to get enough money to build what they need to run the story."
Dweir nods, "It's something I was considering... black market, slave trade, piracy, all sorts of ill-favored professions.
Purrzah purrs "They can do the story, but if it requires something be built... they have to make due with what is available."
Dive notes the only real cost for building things is speed, memory and hard disk space, all things which cannot be bought in MUCK money.
Purrzah purrs "The thing is, Dive, we don't want them spending ages doing building of something that won't be used again."
You growl quietly "It's all roleplaying, Dive. Even for staff, in many instances."
Bloodscale nods.
Purrzah purrs "PAYING for a building is encouraging them to RP for money, and then encouraging them to realise that building something takes time and money. RP."
Dive says, "I agree, too many people waste their talents building forgotten places instead of telling stories."
Dive says, "Oh so RP is rewarded with money?  8)"
Bloodscale grins.
Purrzah purrs "The same way work is. If you are playing someone who works at an inn, you get paid. If you are a pirate and raid a ship, you get a share. If you steal something, you hock it and get money."
Purrzah purrs "The point is, we don't want people to think their characters can do nothing but sit around, pick fights and yiff and get all the neat things they want."
Bloodscale hisses, "Score. :)"
Purrzah purrs "We /will/ have some free housing... but nothing fancy."
Dive says, "Making a self contained economic model is difficult.  There's got to be an influx of money or resources somewhere."
You growl quietly "And they will sign onto ships, not build their own... If they want their own ship, they go to the harbormasters guild and make arrangements to buy one."
Bloodscale agrees with Dive.
Dive thinks maybe setting a @quota of 3 rooms per player might work for getting them a home and nothing fancy.  ;3
Purrzah purrs "No. Because there /has/ to be a control on building. I want to make sure that everything is in theme. I can't do that if everyfurry can build his three rooms and desc them without approval."
Dive says, "There is building, and then there is building.  Thanks to quotas, not everyone set BUILDER is going to clog the MUCK."
Dive says, "No one can link the rooms to a public area without approval though."
Talonia squawks, "With a quota, players would needs a build flag, with the flag.. player can alter other items... such as store bought stuff"
Bloodscale nods, "Having the staff build the rooms would be easier, I feel."
Dive headshakes.  "Anyone can alter an item they own.  There are unalterable properties too."
You growl quietly "We've already determined that only staff will build things. Players don't need to. We'll have all they need to buy set up already, it doesn't need to be modified and become completely out of theme."
Purrzah purrs "Should someone come up with an excellent plan, the building staff will handle it. The players can give the staff the descriptions, which staff can then approve or offer suggestions for alteration, and copy/paste into the descriptions."
Dive says, "This builder staff seems amazingly capable."
You growl quietly "Also, if players come to staff with ideas for some great storyline, the staff can work with them on it, as long as it fits the setting."
Bloodscale nods.
Dive says, "Who exactly is going to be on the builder staff?"
Purrzah purrs "I also want to keep a standard /look/ to descriptions... meaning no fancy symbols, and no short-wrapped rooms... exits all look the same... all descs are attended to, as well as success messages and such."
Bloodscale looks at Purrzah and Dweir for that answer.
Purrzah purrs "I'm the building headwiz, and we have a number of very willing furs who've offered to help. That's a good part of why I wanted to hold this meeting, so we could get on the plans for what needs to be done, so those builders can start the work."
Purrzah purrs "Eiblyn, Jasmine, kilik, and Lida are already on board."
Dive nods.
Naien says, "Just for building?"
Purrzah purrs "I've got at least 2-3 others that /I/ know of who are ready to help."
Purrzah purrs "I believe so."
Purrzah purrs "Spirit is doing some building as well."
You growl quietly "Eiblyn is helping with making objects, right now, as well. Jasmine is on for building and negotiating rules to be clearly read."
Dive says, "Not allowing players to build just means players spend less time building.  Theme violations, and conflicts over what this place should be will just happen in the builder staff, instead of the general populace."
Bloodscale hmmms, "Sounds like a plan."
Purrzah purrs "And builder staff will be able to work things out."
You growl quietly "Not likely, when the staff know that they have to speak with the building headwiz before starting work on something."
Dive nods, "A chain of command will help."
Bloodscale nods.
Purrzah purrs "I'd rather have a dozen builders working out theme and such, than chasing down three dozen players who think it appropriate to have a stereo in their condos..."
Radley wants a stereo
Purrzah purrs "I fully plan on being available to answer questions about building theme *invites Radley to one of the other 9mucks* ;)"
Bloodscale is glad he never really worries about it.
Purrzah purrs "Okay... back to the building plan?"
You growl quietly "Yes."
Bloodscale nods.
Dive quiets down.
Purrzah purrs "Okay. I'll post this to the list, or wherever anyone needs it... but here's what needs to be built. In the Ocean environment: between Avancario's port and Port Royale... we need 7 rooms that have exits to the southwest and northeast, 1 room with an exit to the south and to the northeast, and then one room with an exit to the north and to the west."
Purrzah purrs "Ocean rooms, again, represent 3 days of sea travel."
You growl quietly "There are a lot more ocean rooms than that."
Bloodscale thought so...
Purrzah purrs "Yes, that's just between Avancario and Port Royale. I should note that the first room from Avancario's port also has a room that has a northwest and southeast exits, 3 rooms with east/west exits, 2 rooms with northwest/southeast exits, one room with a northwest/south exit, and one room with a north and a west exit. That leads to the orient."
Purrzah purrs "I'm wondering... would posting an excel file with color coded rooms be easier?"
Naien says, "That might help actually"
Radley nods, "Or a flow chart
Bloodscale nods.
Purrzah purrs "Okay. I can set that up this week."
You growl quietly "On to the next subject, then?"
Purrzah purrs "My next question... how many have seen what I've been doing in the Room of Avians?"
Dweir wishes the rest of the rooms were as complete as that one.
Purrzah is working towards that goal.
Purrzah purrs "Anyone?"
You growl quietly "I know Naien's been in there."
Naien has been in there, bu tisn't thinking well at the moment ^.^;;
You growl quietly "Why don't you all pop in and take a look at the fake objects in there."
Dive has only seen the Room of Rodents.
Purrzah looks around. "I think a lot of you have... but I'll explain. For each general species room, Avians, Canines, etc, I am setting up examples of what they look like in Anthro, Talking beast and, if appropriate, 'taur form. This is being done by dark objects in the room.
You growl quietly "It's #231."
Radley hasnt left the staff rooms or room #0
Tethas has arrived.
Dive says, "Try setting looktraps instead, Purrzah.  It's easier on the database."
Tethas waves softly.
Purrzah purrs "They are looktraps. I meant to say they're dark details..."
Dive says, "Oh, okay.  No mind me.  :3"
Dive missed the 'fake' when he said 'fake objects' before.
Purrzah purrs "Before she left us, Tarn set up a very nice editroom program that helps set details and fakes."
Purrzah purrs "In the room description, I am using the color cyan to highlight items that require the look command to see... with # signs around it for poor souls, such as I when I'm at work, are stuck in black and white."
Radley fades away into the shadows.
Radley has left.
Purrzah purrs "I want to standardize this, so everytime someone sees a word in cyan in a desc, they know it's something they can look at... or something like this ^cyan^#thing#^ ^,"
Tethas nods "Or poeple who simply forget to set their color bit?"
Purrzah purrs "Right."
Bloodscale blinks
Purrzah purrs "I'm thinking that magenta might work for actions."
Purrzah purrs "With <these> around it, like other areas describe exits anyhow. It's something you /do/."
Purrzah purrs "How does that sound?"
Dive says, "Give an example?"
Tethas says, "Even through I just got here, sounds good to me."
Purrzah purrs "Okay. Hang on..."
Dweir points Dive to 'l #231', "Like that."
Dive says, "Except you'd replace the #..# with <..> right?"
Purrzah purrs "Right. In the room of Avians, I have sample birds to provide guidelines for the descriptions of the different types of birds, raptors, songbirds, etc. However, I shall also have actions to call up color suggestions and height/weight information."
Bloodscale forgets if there is a room for reptiles...
Tethas blinks. Thats gotta be a first. Through he'll never likely need it, he likes.
Dive says, "Looks pretty good, minus the #'s of course."
Purrzah purrs "So the sentance that says "You may also look at color, height, weight, abilities and stereotypes will have those words in magenta with <> around them."
Purrzah purrs "Again, those symbols in the desc are for those who can't see color."
Tethas says, "Is there ay way the look program can be modified so that if the person doesn't have a C bit set, it shows the #'s, but if they DO, it just changes color?"
Purrzah purrs "Yes, Bloodscale. There is a reptile room."
Dive thinks they would look better as ' or <>.
Bloodscale hmmmms and nods.
Purrzah purrs "Your c bit can be turned on, but if you're using Telnet, it does no good."
Dive says, "Not really Tethas.  Colors get both function and appearance mixed up."
Dive says, "Unless..."
Tethas says, "The MUF would have to be modified."
Purrzah purrs "I want them to stick out well, Dive. <> /will/ be for actions, but I don't want '' to be mistaken for simple quote marks..."
Dive nahs, can't think of anything.
Purrzah purrs "I chose # because it doesn't call up any kind of muf or mpi stuff, as far as I know."
Tethas says, "I don't think [] or () cals up anything either."
Dive nods.
Purrzah purrs "It's very obviously not a normal symbol in text either."
Dive says, "only {} call up MPI stuff.  Occasionally : and veeeery rarely ="
Tethas says, "~ can also be used."
Tethas says, "Not for MPI I mean...for unused signs"
Dweir shakes his head, "~ is used for setting propstrings."
Purrzah purrs "I know... but I chose #. ;)"
Dive ripples, "As you will."
Bloodscale hmmmms
Purrzah purrs "Anyhow. This method of making it helpful for new players to set up their characters has become my bottleneck point... I have so much to do! I would like some assistance from builders. Especially those who are good with explaining a general appearance briefly and clearly."
Purrzah purrs "Look at room #187 for the number of rooms..."
You growl quietly "And assistance from the Theme wizard and aide would be helpful there, as well."
Naien says, "I would like to not see people write 10 paragraph character descriptions..."
Tethas raises a paw "I'll help...especialy with anything you need suggestions on for reptilians or dragoninds in perticular. But I can't farlook unless someone slips me a bit."
Bloodscale nods.
Naien says, "Nor 3 line descriptions either"
Dive has used 3 line descriptions before.  c.c
Bloodscale looks at Tethas, nodding, "I can help Tethas with the reptilians."
Radley has arrived.
Radley steps out of the shadows.
Dive is using a 4 line description now.  c.c;;
Tethas has...a LONG time ago.
Purrzah notes that the desc of #187 needs some tweaking for symbols around <back> and <on>
Naien says, "A lot of the information in your description, dive, would be better suited to your pinfo"
Purrzah purrs "What I was trying to type when my connection got reset...."
Naien says, "When I look at someone, I don't want to know what other people think about them"
Naien says, "I want to know what they look like"
Purrzah purrs "Was that somewhere in the newbie setup I hope to have a detail showing a good example of a basic appearance with use of fakes."
Naien nods to Purrzah
Dive has a pinfo!
Dive yays.
Bloodscale is working on his pinfo as we speak.
Purrzah purrs "Me, I believe in a head to toe desc with brief information in one paragraph, then brief description of clothing in the 2nd. Attitude is up to RP."
You growl quietly "Yes, we can have details actively worked out for a character's desc in dark details in the desc. So there is where something like the mottling of a lizard's scales look like, or the jagged scars that are riddled into somefur's hide."
Purrzah poses as an example.
Dive nods.
Radley has left.
Radley has arrived.
Bloodscale hmmmmms, "I think I did a good enough job on my scales..."
Purrzah purrs "You did, though you could have set up your scales as a fake detail."
Bloodscale never figured out how to do that.
Dive says, "Try look #edit <something>"
Bloodscale poses.
Dweir would invite others to look at his desc for quick, clean and simple, but right now he's holding all the weapons of the orient that need desced.
Radley points to @detail #help
+++ Bloodscale just looked at you.
+++ Naien just looked at you.
+++ Dive just looked at you.
Bloodscale hisses, "HOLY."
Naien blinks
Dive whoos, thassalottaswords.
Dweir warned you.
Bloodscale hisses, "Just call him Swordboy."
Purrzah purrs "For some reason, he's got like 300 weapons he's making. We'll be having shops all over the world! ;) A lot of choices for the adventurers. I hope we get that many players some day. ;)"
You growl quietly "That's Captain, to you, scalie. ;p"
Bloodscale salutes, "Aye Captain."
Naien says, "Captain Swordboy?"
Dweir swats Naien's backside with the flat of his rapier.
Bloodscale snorts and smiles.
Naien mrps
Tethas mrrrs "Hand and a half sword?" grins "Through i would rather have my own made."
Purrzah purrs "Buying such a sword would imply that is what may be going on, depending on where you buy it."
Bloodscale isn't going to make his own weapons. The way he wants the Komodo set up, he'll make due with what's at claw.
Purrzah purrs "Now, once you own the blade, you can adjust it's desc some, though the RCS settings will be locked."
You growl quietly "The idea is that all of these weapons will have the propstrings on them for the RCS, so any selfdone weapons must be approved by me or Naien, first."
Tethas chuckles "Mine would have to be specialy comminisioned.
Radley churrs "#help"
Purrzah purrs "That's a possibility. Staff members may choose to be merchants, like I am."
Radley looks up, "
Bloodscale thought about making his own weapon, specifically, one blade, but decided against it.
Bloodscale chuckles at Purrzah, "You're not just a merchant."
Tethas says, "The blade I want is simple. One blade. Would be expensive as all hell however. A hand and a half sword made in the tradiational japaneese sword-making method. But...that's for later discusions."
Purrzah purrs "Because Warwick's say wasn't working."
You growl quietly "Because say is what we need since Warwick isn't working... and it's on Arisan."
Purrzah purrs "And would be available in the oriental area."
Radley churrs "isnt warwicks working?"
Bloodscale blinks.
Purrzah purrs "Nope."
Tethas says, "Normaly Japeneese don't make hand and a half swords Purrzah...thats why it would have to be specialy commishioned."
Purrzah purrs "Ah, didn't know that."
Purrzah purrs "The program now linked to editplayer is calling on #114... I'm not sure how Tarn worked it out."
Bloodscale eeps and gets a phone call.
Tethas mrrrs "If it wouldn't TOTALY sidetrack the conversation would explain them both, and would be happy to later."
Purrzah smiles. "That's okay." :)
Radley nods
WizChat> Lida waves
WizChat> Purrzah says, "Hey, lida!"
You growl quietly "Actually, there are two that are hand and a half, normally... the Zatoichi and the Suburi Bokken."
Lida has arrived.
Bloodscale sighs and bows, "I apologize, but I must take my leave."
Purrzah purrs "Well, Lida, you've missed most of the meeting, but we can recap."
Tethas mrrrs "Yes...but not as the bastard sword is in the medieval area...I preffer it like that."
Tethas hugs Blooscale byebye
Bloodscale hugs back, sighing, "Parents are coming up for dinner. Wheeee..."
Purrzah nods to Bloodscale.
Bloodscale bows again, "I'll be on later...hopefully. Till laters."
Purrzah purrs "Lida, can you access the files area of the yahoogroup for 9Wavestaff?"
Bloodscale has disconnected.
Lida mrewls, "Well, that was a quick meeting, then... Umm, let me check. I haven't been to Yahoo in a while."
Purrzah purrs "Lida, you are aware that it's the day to change your clock, right?"
Purrzah purrs "I said 11a PST... and it's 12:30pst... it's been 1.5 hours. ;)"
Lida mrewls, "My clocks are all changed, yes. They were changed at the crossover."
Purrzah purrs "Ah."
Tethas pats his computer. Autochange.
Purrzah purrs "Well, to sum up, Dweir and I have set the ocean-rooms scale to 3 days travel per room, and land-rooms to 2 days travel per room. I'm going to be setting up an excel file mapping out sea and land route rooms that need to be created."
Purrzah purrs "Also, for highlighting fake objects and actions, we are color coding fakes with cyan and # signs around them, and actions in magenta with <> around them."
You growl quietly "Actually, the meeting is only just starting, as I want to cover what everyone's doing, so far, and what we need to accomplish still."
Purrzah purrs "Oh. Yeah. That too. ;)"
Tethas mrrrs "Of course cities and such are set up diffrently..would be intresting if it itook two days to travel from one room in a tavern to the next, hehe."
Lida mrewls, "Yes, I can get to the files section. Sorry, it's been a terrible weekend."
Purrzah purrs "That's okay."
Purrzah nods at Tethas. "Right. ;)
Purrzah purrs "The cities will also have areas of wilderness built around them.... which I shall also map out in excel."
Tethas mrrrs "So you know, I may be getting a name change as this name is used only for gold dragons I make that I'll keep you all notified off that."
Purrzah purrs "Once I do this, builders are welcome to start building, but be sure to let me know /where/ you are building so we don't duplicate. ;)"
Tethas mrrrs "I can work on the reptiles desc room if provided a list of what is needed and where...I can also work on any taverns, hostels, streets, ect. that is needed. Even better i can desc caves and such, but odly I aint the best at forests."
You growl quietly "Right now, Eiblyn is working on the objects and equipment that will be for sale throughout the MUCK. things like clothes, beakers for sleeping draughts or herbal kits to help with healing; backpacks and other containers, or things like that. She'll need to be taught mpi so she can do the scripting to add to these clothing items, so they can change the desc of the character."
Purrzah purrs "We have plains and desert that need descing too."
Purrzah purrs "And oceans."
Tethas says, "I can send Eiblyn a webpage that has an EXCELLENT MPI tuturial and cheat-sheet."
Purrzah purrs "But help with the species rooms would be great. I'd love assistance all over."
Purrzah purrs "When you get a chance, hop over to room #187, and you'll get an idea of what needs to be done, then peek at what I have so far of the avians room."
Talonia is well versed in MPI too ;P
Dweir thinks that would be appreciated, but also points to Talonia, Radley and Dive to help her out with that.
Dive has done far too much MPI in his time.  :p
Tethas nods "I'll do so when I get the log of this meeting."
Purrzah nods.
Tethas has  bad memory. But he can easily look up the room # when he is lookingt hrought he log of what he missed.
Purrzah nods.
Radley fades away into the shadows.
Radley has left.
Purrzah purrs "I turn discussion over to Dweir now."
You growl quietly "Rebecca said that she would probably need another 2 or 3 weeks, at least, for the RCS to be half done, and installed, and that doesn't include the damage from natural disasters."
Radley has arrived.
Tethas curls up on Purrzah's tail to listen. Nice soft bed ^_^
You growl quietly "She doesn't think it'll include the 'far range' options with RCS, either, so all combat would need to be carried out in the same room (or city block), to start with."
Purrzah purrs "Pity."
You growl quietly "That can come later, she pointed out."
Tethas mrrrs "Long-range combat is often limited to large scale engagments and ship-to-ship combat anyways."
You growl quietly "One big thing we need to focus on is building, but the other big thing is sitting down and actively fitting the rules into a form everyone can understand."
Purrzah purrs "Unless two opponents on foot chase through the city..."
Tethas says, "When running, it's nearly impossible to accuretly fire even a crossbow. Someoen would have to stop to do such."
Dweir looks at Naien, "I'm hoping you can help Purr and I with the rules as much as anything else."
Purrzah purrs "Yes, I know, but if you are fighting, you break and run, you get cornered, fight some more... chase... that sort of thing..."
Tethas nods " mean combat going between rooms..I thought you meant poeple being in diffrent rooms WHILE engaged in combat."
Naien nods, "I think I help a lot with that this week...I have very slow week for school."
Dweir snaps his claws, "I remembered what I wanted to ask our coders...
Talonia hides
Dive hides behind Talonia.
You growl quietly "Speaking of running through streets... is there some way for furs/scales to leave a 'lingering scent' in an area they've passed through? Some program that could be done to actively simulate that effect and fade after say 10 'turns'."
Tethas tries to drag the hawk back the talfaeather sif need be, grining "Now now..."
Talonia squawks, "ow ow, watch the feathers.. I spent ages preening"
Dive says very hesitantly, "Yeeeees..."
Tethas says, "I seems ta be lagging. Likely me."
Dive could slap together a quick program, if you like Dweir.
Dweir nods to Naien, smiling, "I'm glad to hear that it's quieting down for schooling. I want to try to take the rules we've discussed for players, and staff, and put them in a working format with the most basic and simple phrasing for our newbiezone, and then have a fuller version on the website.
Dweir would really appreciate a program that does that.
Radley considers it. "It should be realitively easy to write."
Talonia ponders, "How are planing to do it?" to Radley
Naien says, "Heh, just for this week...won't stay like this.  But that will be doable"
Dive is doing it, Radley.
Dive is going to make a program that backgrounds itself, then clears the _scent/<blah>/sdf property after a fixed amount of time.  :3
Dweir nods, "Great, I'll have to get Bloodscale to sit down long enough to help, too. I think the key is to have the rules we've already established, though.
Radley nods and lets dive do it.
You growl quietly "Okay, Dive, what are your current projects for 9Waves?"
Dweir will be asking everyfur, he doesn't want anyone bogged down with too much.
Dive says, "@request, and apparantly track."
Tethas has disconnected.
Tethas has connected.
Talonia squawks, "Or you could put a timestamp on the scent property.. then when someone tries to pick up scents in a room, if the scent is too old to detect it'll get removed... saves having a constant background process"
Dive notes that @request counts as about 5 projects.  ;)
Tethas resists the temptation to nibble Purrzah's tail. He's like a kid..he always wants to put things in his mouth. Unliek akid he has willpower to resist urges.(repost)
Dive nodnods.
Dive un-nods.
You growl quietly "Could you explain, Dive? How is the @request 5 in 1?"
Dive says, "If I put a timestamp, there will have to be a constant background process clearing old timestamps from every single room."
Dive says, "Well there's the program to request a character..."
Dive says, "The program to approve a character."
Dive says, "The program to clear old stale requests."
Dive says, "The program to review previous requests."
Tethas says, "If you get a good @request program that doesn't require any on-server functions and is copmptible with wizlog, I wanna copy!"
Dive says, "And putting them all together."
Dive points at his current inventory.
Dweir wishes we could have taken the @request from Furscape, but realises that that one has a private mailserver.
Dive says, "To send email you need an email server, plain and simple.  We have one apparantly; it's just not working right."
Dive says, "Otherwise the wizzards have to use their own mail servers from their home computer to send the approvals."
Lida has like 7 unused email addies. o.0
Dweir nods, "Okay. We'll have to talk to Cyberleo about what's wrong with the email server."
Radley fades away into the shadows.
Radley has left.
Purrzah purrs "Of course, if 9Waves /has/ a server, has anyone done anything with it?"
Radley has arrived.
Dweir looks at Lida, smiling.
Radley fades away into the shadows.
Radley has left.
Dive tried, it didn't work though.  :(
Lida mrewls, "Yes, Dweir, that WAS an offer. If it'll help."
Dweir shrugs, looking at Dive, "I don't know if it would or not."
Purrzah purrs "I think we're more looking for something that will be automated through the MUCK itself, Lida... which requires more than an e-mail address... but an actual server."
You growl quietly "Talonia, you're working on the shop.muf, and the banking/money program is next on your list, right?"
Radley has arrived.
Dweir wonders what projects Radley has in the works, but refrains from asking, as he doesn't know that the other fur will stay in one spot long enough to answer.
Tethas can't have a server on his network. Sigh. ISP doesn't allow you to host ANYTHING on a home setup. Need a business package.
Tethas hopes things work this time...
Tethas says, "There. I hate not being able to say or do anything, but able to recieve it all. Damn modem."
Radley chuckles, "I putting the finishing touches on @jail
Tethas curls back up on Purrzah's tail, grumbling gently.
You growl quietly "So we will have that form of punishment again."
Radley churrs "Other than @jail, which I have almost finished, I dont have any projects in progress."
Lida mrewls, "Heh. Software 602 has an email server for free that supports 5 addresses. I've liked their offerings, so far. If nothing happens for a server by the time I get my new machine up and running, I could set up a server. My bandwidth is 6M/384k on my DSL that does allow servers to be run."
Tethas says, "So you all know, I'v decided to use a char on furscape as a base model for a hcar here that'l work and be in theme. CHanging name to 'Chanasa', if no one has perticular (and odd) objections?"
Purrzah purrs "No problem."
You growl quietly "Okay... have you talked with Rebecca at all, yet, Radley?"
Dive says, "We have Guinea... what's an hcar?"
Purrzah purrs "A typo."
Talonia squawks, "..typoed char, i guess :P"
Dive is going to go test out this track program then.  :3
Dive fades away, teleporting out of the area.
Dive has left.
You growl quietly "Okay... there are a lot of programs to keep bringing in. We still don't have a claim.muf for homes or hotels, nor do we have a muf that could simulate weather. There's also the noises.muf which we all know is quite handy."
Radley sorries, "Yes I have Dweir. Yesterday sometime."
You growl quietly "Oh, so everyone is aware, all things built need to be chowned onto Arisan, and programs should be placed on either her or Avatar, this is so that we don't have a lot of things to chown if anyone decides they just don't want to stay on 9Waves."
You growl quietly "You have what, Radley?"
Radley churrs "talked to rebecca"
You growl quietly "Oh, okay."
You growl quietly "I've talked with Spirit, he's said he'll be back sometime this week or next weekend. He's been trying to put together something grand for a website for 9Waves, with sections for galleries to show equipment, land and city maps, ships, or even characters. I'm not sure about a forum, but he was even mentioning something like that."
Naien nods
You growl quietly "We'll need to work out the rules for that, and the 9Kingdoms website, and for newbieville of course, but also we'll need a 'theme-approved' program, or something like that, I think."
You growl quietly "And with the cinfo setup locked once it's initially set, that will help, too."
You growl quietly "Does anyone have anything they want to bring up right now, problems, or something that they were thinking would help?"
Talonia squawks, "None that I can think of"
Dweir looks around at the others?
Naien has nothing
Lida mrewls, "Nope. Waiting on a book about Port Royal to get to the library. Other than that and the email server thingy I mentioned, nada."
Purrzah doesn't at the moment, but will post to the mailing list when she gets the excel stuff done and can think a way to describe what she needs done in the newbieville.
Purrzah purrs "And I'll clear up this log and send it out."
Radley churrs "none here"
Purrzah purrs "Oh, and remember folks, if you have a question /please/ feel free to e-mail Dweir and I?"
Talonia squawks, "Woo!, the shop prog and deal with currencies now... just need to update the help text :P"
Talonia squawks, "and -> can"
Purrzah purrs "Yay!"
You growl quietly "Now, can the shop program buy things back, yet?"
Purrzah purrs "I think that would be a separate program, ne?"
Talonia squawks, "It can"
Purrzah purrs "oooh. Cool."
Talonia squawks, "Same prog :P"
Dweir nods and smiles, "Excellent, great work, from all our programmers!"
Purrzah purrs "Okay. Then as soon as weapons and equipment are done... we start deciding where shops are. ;)"
Purrzah purrs "Thanks for /everyone's/ help :)"
You growl quietly "Naien, you were saying you're mapping out the oriental city?"
Talonia squawks, "I need to update the help text and test a few things :P"
Naien is trying...not very good with this part...having mental blockage ;.;
Purrzah purrs "Okay. Leave a p # mail when it's ready for us laymen to use. ;)"
Purrzah purrs "Naien... ever heard of Jadeclaw?"
Dweir laughs.
Purrzah purrs "Or, do you have it?"
Purrzah shakes her head, "Of course you know about it. ;)"
Purrzah blames her drugs... ;)
Naien owns Jadeclaw.. ^.^
Naien says, "I've been looking at it"
Naien says, "I designed something but I hated it so I'm trying again"
Purrzah purrs "I was going to say, look at the capital city... use it as an idea. Of course, I also turn to the PBS show Sagwa for inspiration in the oriental style... or even Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
Dweir nods, "Well, just go at your own pace. That's something I hope everyone here does... while I'd like to get this place done and opened by the end of March 2004, I'm willing to set that back more if we need to take the time to make sure everything is done well.
Purrzah purrs "I'm hoping, with help, to have newbieville done by the end of January."
Naien blinks "March 2004?  Oh, gee, I didn't realize I had that much time..."
Purrzah purrs "We're not rushing anything. Inspiration is a fickle thing, we know."
Purrzah purrs "I'm afraid, though, that I've reached the tolerance of my body sitting in front of the computer right now. I need to stretch out my leg for a bit."
You growl quietly "But we'd like to have it all done, before opening to players... so we can 'roll out' new things as the rp becomes the inspiration, instead of the world building."
Purrzah goes stalking for something with caffeine in it too...
Naien nods to Dweir "It makes sense to me ^.^
Purrzah passes hugs around.
You growl quietly "This way we can focus on the players, and play ourselves, but also we want to make ourselves available to work out problems with programs that may arise or building issues that players bring our way, instead of having a 'to do' list, and only ever being half done with things."
Purrzah nods.
Purrzah purrs "I'll see y'all later."
Purrzah fades away, teleporting out of the area.
Purrzah has left.
Naien nodnods
Naien is going to run for now..
Naien snugs everyone
You growl quietly "Lida, are you still having trouble with the actual descs of rooms in Port Royale?"
Naien has disconnected.
Lida mrewls, "I've got a few ideas, but I'm waiting on a book, too, about historical Port Royal. The author has been studying the topic since 1933. n.n"
Dweir nods, "Okay. I was just wondering."
You growl quietly "I'm going to ~try~ to get Kilik to help you with the nature areas around Port Royale, then work on some of the ocean regions, too."
Lida nods. "Still have images of mangroves and palmettos dancing in my head."
Dweir grins.
Radley wipes off his paws, "Okay, @jail is done."
You growl quietly "Thanks."
Dweir looks up at what he said before, that could be worked on.
You growl quietly "I need to get something to eat, and take a break from the keys myself... or rather give my eyes a rest from the screen. I've already been the system for 8 hours today."
Talonia squawks, "there, help text done....i hope :P"
Lida mrewls, "Gah! Just... GAh!"
Talonia squawks, "What? :P"
Dweir looks at Lida, confused.
Lida mrewls, "Being up that longer, and it's not yet 2 PST? No way! I am never up before 11 Eastern unless I've a doctor's appointment."
Dweir sighs, "I've gotten stuck on Purrzah's work schedule, so it's up at 5am most days, sometimes earlier.
Lida 's mate goes to bed around 10 AM... o.0
Radley brings up say again now that the meeting is over. "What happening exactly?"
Dweir shrugs, then pads off to curl up with Jasmine, who decided to sleep in.
You growl quietly "Have fun, and if you're not, then consider that you're working too hard."
You might leave for now, but mark my words, the adventurer's road will call you back!
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